Data science and statistics

I provide a range of massive open online courses and lectures on statistical and data science.  The first course listed below is an introduction to Healthcare research and statistics on the Coursera Platform. If you have completed and enjoyed the Coursera course, and want to learn more about conducting your own statistical analysis, look at the next two courses on Udemy (listed below). 

  1. Understanding clinical research – Coursera MOOC
  2. SPSS for healthcare and life science statistics – Udemy MOOC
  3. Mathematica for healthcare and life science statistics – Udemy MOOC
  4. Medical statistics with Python – YouTube series
  5. Medical statistics in Julia – YouTube series
  6. Julia scientific programming – Coursera MOOC

The Klopper Research Group

On this page I keep you up to date with our current research.

Learn more about our exciting research into the acutely ill surgical patient, recurrent upper gastrointestinal bleeding, femoral artery injuries, damage control laparotomies, peripheral vascular disease, the presentation of breast cancer at community hospitals and many more…

Contact me for more information on collaboration or spending time in the Unit.