MeI am a surgeon in academic practice at Groote Schuur Hospital with a specific interest in the development of educational resources, and the improvement of health care through data science and mathematics.

Apart from my work as a surgeon, I also hold the positions of Head of Post-Graduate Surgical Research and the Head of Surgical Education at the University of Cape Town.  My research work is done under the auspices of the Klopper Research Group (KRG).  The KRG currently supports many surgical trainees and master’s and doctoral candidates in the design and analysis of their research dissertations and I delight in managing these research teams as we forge ahead in this challenge to improve healthcare.

I believe that work around research, whether it be academic, state or private, is of fundamental importance to improve healthcare. My passion is to  be involved in research team management, analysis of the data involved, and finding solutions to healthcare problems while educating my peers and colleagues about this important mission.

Through my work in the development of educational resources I was privileged to be recognised on an international scale by the venerated global Open Education Consortium in 2014 with the Individual Educator Award.

Examples of my passion for training program development are my two successful courses on the world’s leading Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform, Coursera.  My course on Understanding Healthcare Statistics is ranked No.1 in its category on Class Central, the definitive repository on Open Courseware.

In support of these two very successful examples, I have now also created two additional courses on the popular Udemy platform, training healthcare workers on a variety of statistical software packages. In addition to this I have published more than 1,100 lectures on YouTube and most of my open-source code is available on the GitHub repository.

If you have a healthcare related research question or proposal regarding research and the development of educational resources around these topics, then contact me via e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you.