MeI am a surgeon in academic practice at Groote Schuur Hospital and a senior lecturer in surgery at the University of Cape Town with interests in data science, mathematics and physics.

One of my main tasks as Head of the new Acute Care Surgery Unit has been the establishment of a research group.  I have built the Klopper Research Group (KRG) around the data science stacks available in Python and Julia and make extensive use of Jupyter notebooks.  The KRG currently supports many surgical trainees in the design and analysis of their master’s degree research dissertations.

The research support offered to our trainees now extend world-wide through the first Massive Open Online Course from an African University on the Coursera platform.  This course entitled Understanding Clinical Research takes students through a six week journey of developing an intuitive understanding of statistical concepts, all without a single equation.  I firmly believe that this approach prevents the feelings of alienation that many healthcare and life science students develop when attending traditional statistics classes.  More courses are on the way, so watch this space.

My interest extend to mathematics and physics.  I have placed more than 1,000 lectures on YouTube and many of these are accompanied by notebooks available on GitHub.

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