Open Educational Resources

You can follow the links below to sites on which I post a variety of educational resources.  Everything from video lecture series to notebooks hosted on Github.  Follow the links and never stop learning.

My MOOCs on Coursera®

Continue on the my two massive open online courses on Coursera®.  The first teaches an intuitive understanding of healthcare statistics and the second using medical data to teach you how to write code in Julia, the scientific computing language.

Mathematics lectures on YouTube®

My various video lecture series on YouTube covering a variety of courses in mathematics.

Python and Julia lectures on YouTube®

My video lecture series on YouTube covering Python for statistical analysis and the Julia computer language.

Jupyter notebooks on Discrete Mathematics

This is a link to my notes on discrete mathematics.  These notes are made in downloadable Jupyter notebooks using Python in which I explain both the concepts of discrete mathematics and how to use Python to solve problems.  I also add all the PNG images files and even the original Adobe Illustrator files that are used in the notebooks.


Jupyter notebooks for MIT 18.06 Linear Algebra

Now, this is very exciting for me.  Quite some time ago I first watched the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) OpenCourseWare (OCW) lectures on Linear Algebra (18.06).  In this series the wonderful Gilbert Strang gives a most fantastic introduction to the topic.

I could not resist making my small contribution  and created a Jupyter notebook for each of the lectures.  I took a chance and contacted Prof Strang to ask permission to make this work available on the web.  He immediately replied in the affirmative and I am both thankful and honored.  The actual .ipynb files are available on my GitHub page.