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Data Science

Analysis. Research. Education


Improving lives through

data analysis + research

In a modern world, you can adopt more than one role and contribute in more than one way.

I believe that we should never allow a single moniker to define us. There are so many ways to contribute to improving our world. 

Data Analysis


Artificial Intelligence




The Current Situation

In this keynote address I invite you to see the use of Jupyter notebooks and Jupyter lab in my life. I use it for research and for teaching, but also to enrich my own life. As a surgeon, I know that there are so many outstanding clinical questions in healthcare. Middle and especially lower income countries suffer the greatest proportion of this burden, yet produce the least amount of research.


What’s Possible

The creation of educational content and the support of research projects has allowed me to empower students and scholars from all over the world to contribute to our collective research output, solving our local outstanding research questions. I invite you into my world of data science, research, mathematics, and healthcare, and how I empower and inspire others. I trust that you will enjoy the journey and hope that you will reach out to join forces in spreading knowledge and information.

Below is a sample of the resources I’ve created over the years…

Research Artificial Intelligence Mathematics Medicine
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Courses Paid
Educational Material

Knowledge belongs to us all. Never stop learning.

Juan Klopper

Educational Video Feedback

Educational Video Feedback

Educational Video Feedback