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My Coursera MOOC now live!

After many months of preparation, my massive open online course (MOOC) on healthcare statistics has gone live on Coursera today, December 01, 2015.  To sign up follow this link: Coursera. This course build an intuitive understanding of statistics, without...

Irritating problems in medical education

This is a bird's eye view of the most irritating problems in my opinion.  There are certainly much bigger and important issues, but these just get me down! They are nothing new, but the more they are mentioned, the better.  My biggest peeve?  The use of...


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Understanding binomial logistic regression using R

Logistic regression is a statistical test that uses independent variables (categorical or numerical) to predict a categorical dependent variable.  It is based on the principles of linear regression.  As the outcome (dependent) variable is categorical, though, logistic...