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YouTube lecture series on surgery

This is a lecture series on YouTube on the thyroid and all its diseases.  I start with a look at the anatomy and physiology and cover all topics for altered physiology to special cases such as thyroid disease in pregnancy.

Perioperative patient care lectures on YouTube

Linear algebra is an essential topic in statistics and data science.  In this lecture series I cover all of the introductory topics in linear algebra.

In this lecture series on YouTube I take a look at the care of the surgical patient with cardiac and pulmonary disease, as well as diabetes mellitus.  This includes preoperative workup and care during and after surgery.

These are recordings my some of our trainees on a variety of topics in general surgery and critical care.

In this lecture series on YouTube I cover some of the topics that are in the syllabus for the South African College of Medicine intermediate examination.  These relate to blood and blood products, transfusions, venous thromboembolism, thyroid disease, and parathyroid disease.

In this YouTube lecture series my trainees and I tackle a variety of topics related to acute care and general surgery.  These include diseases of the esophagus, the appendix, hernias, skin and soft tissue infections, perforated peptic ulcers, and the management of upper gastrointestinal bleeding.