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The Klopper Research Group

Acute Care Surgery is a brand new speciality in General Surgery.  It has developed world-wide from the need to separate the surgical care of elective and emergency patients.  The Klopper Research Group evolved from my task as Head of this Unit to develop research in this new field.  The establishment of structured and ethical data collection was our first task and this is now well-established allowing us to start concentrating on actual research analysis.

The KRG uses the computer languages Python, Julia, and Mathematica to analyze the data for clinical research projects and machine learning.

I have two video lecture series on YouTube for those interested in using these software tools.  The Python lecture series will help you understand statistics and show you how to use the language to conduct your own research.  Julia is a new computer language for scientific computing.   The Julia lecture series will introduce you to the language and in one of the projects in the series I take you through the whole process of conducting a research project.  Mathematica is a new additional to my software toolkit and uses the powerful Wolfram language.

For those simply wanting to learn how to understand statistics, I have the first course from an African University on the leading Massive Open Online Course platform Coursera.  In this course I teach an intuitive understanding of statistics.  Over six weeks you will learn all about the different types of research studies, data types, means, standard deviations, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, t-tests, nonparametric tests, p-values and so much more, all without a single equation in sight.  It is a great introduction to statistics without the alienation that many students feel when confronted by long equations.  It will launch you into further courses on statistics and leave you with the ability to understand what you read in the literature.  On successful completion of the course you can even earn a certificate from the University of Cape Town.

A recent change introduced by the Health Professions Council of SA requires all specialist trainees to complete a research project before registering with the council.  The KRG supports many of our local trainees in developing their search questions, the design of their data collection tools and their statistical analysis.



Below are links to some KRG research activities…